"Success is succes when it becomes visible."

Relation with the community

Community and workforce development

An organisation that creates opportunities for people in its neighbourhood, creates opportunities for itself. This principle is simple. However, for a practical and result focused executing, more is needed. We see the organisation as community and the environment in which the organisation is working.

Co-participation is a way to take the community within the organisation serious and grant influence. Strategic co-participation is carried out by organisations that involves the works council in an early stage and thereby looks for a win-win situation and ownership for decisions. Participation and empowerment of the local community enlarges people’s self-sufficiency, solidarity and the workforce for companies.

Our learning interventions strengthen Works Councils and make co-participation more professional. We help you to develop initiatives in the local community to empower people and the neighbourhood. Initiatives for work, education or useful leisure activities. Here we have special attention for clarity, measurability and internal commitment.


Below you find examples of interventions that can be combined or deployed separately.