"Success is succes when it becomes visible."

One-day chairman training

The target group

Works Council Chairmen


For the 1-day training a selection can be made out of objectives like:

  • Participants known the basic skills as chairman like: Presiding a meeting, phasing in a meeting, meeting techniques and decision making.
  • Participants have enlarged their personal impact as chairman in the interaction with others.
  • Participants are capable to conduct an interview with Works Council-members about their personal development plan.
  • Participants are able to identify and apply the basic principles of communication and giving & receiving feedback and to reflect on this.
  • Participants are able to influence networks within the organisation and the power game.

Number of participants

Council up to 12 members


1 Day and optional support of a number of meetings.


Day 1 – including evening


  • Optional (see suggestions): 0-measurement based on a PiCompany test (Big 5 combined with 360 degrees talent scan) – people will be scored on those competences important for the role of chairman.


  • Morning, afternoon and evening:
    • Workshop Meeting techniques and Decision making
    • Workshop Personal impact (increase personal leadership from authenticity)
    • Workshop deliberate influence (power filed analyses, networking, informal vs formal consultation, dealing with status) – with actor).
  • Personal Action Plan and evaluation


Below you find examples of interventions that can be combined or deployed separately.