"Success is succes when it becomes visible."

Renewed Works Council

The target group

Chosen Works-Council Members


  • Gain inspiration for innovating forms of a Works Council.
  • Work session to think of new forms appropriate for own Works Council.
  • Project plan implementation innovating Works Council.

Number of participants

Entire Works-Council


2 half-day sessions


Not all Works Councils function acceptable. The influence is too limited, the contact with the constituencies leaves something to be desired, talents don’t take part in the Works Council, all the work in the Works Council is done by a limited amount of people etc. This is just a number of complaints heard many times. Innovating co-participation might help to experiment with new approaches. Working with focus groups within the constituencies, new forms of facilitation and consultation (i.e. Butterfly-model), response groups, more efficient meeting structures, competence development per role with measure-stations etc.

  • Kick-off positioning of the day.
  • Speaker on the subject of social innovation
  • Trends and models in co-participation.
  • Thinking frame innovating co-participation
  • Added value MZ
  • Bottleneck analyses
  • Solution Directions
  • Social Café: work format to quickly get ‘new effective’ approaches in a group.
  • Experiment/Project plan with first steps to make a start.
  • CO-PARTICIPATION - Participation


Below you find examples of interventions that can be combined or deployed separately.