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Set-up co-participation

To set-up a Works Council is more than organising elections. The process starts with the inventory of the possible added value that a Works Council might have in the current company situation.

From those thoughts it is advised to form a preparation group. The tasks of this group are twofold:

  • To inform employees about benefit and objective of co-participation. This against the background of the specific company situation.
  • The practical preparations, aimed at the Works Council election.
  • Possible formation of the preparation group:
  • HR employee/manager
  • Two employees
  • External coach

The preparation group does all the work, according to a script supplied to you, until the moment of the elections of the Works Council.

Among others these include:

  • Publicity about importance/usefulness of a Works Council within the organisation.
  • Recruiting candidates.
  • Contacts with Trade Unions.
  • Setting-up a preliminary Works Council regulation.
  • Organising the elections.
  • Organising a first education for the Works Council and executive board.

The necessary (lead) time is approximately 13 weeks. This has to do with several legal time-limits in which everyone involved needs to be informed.

Time investment

  1. Meeting of 1 1⁄2 hours with the director, HR manager and the external advisor.


    • Determine the principles and define points of attention concerning the set-up of a Works Council.
    • Decision: go or no go.
    • Create the preparation group.


If the set-up of a Works council was decided:

2. Meeting of the preparation group under chairmanship of the external advisor.

    • Discussion script of elections
    • Set-up of a work planning
    • Task distribution

3. Meeting preparation group

    • Progress interview
    • Determine the Works Council regulation
    • Planning information campaign/information meeting personnel

4. Last meeting preparation group

    • Arranging practical issues concerning the elections.
    • Planning of first educational meeting for the chosen Works Council.


Below you find examples of interventions that can be combined or deployed separately.