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Works Council one-day training

The target group

Chosen Works Council-members


Participants know about the WOR (Works Council Act) and gain knowledge on the working field of a number of committees/working groups/themes.
Participants are able to identify and apply the basic principles of communication, meeting techniques and to give & receive feedback and to reflect on this.
Participants know the basic skills and have practices with these skills which are necessary within a Works Council like: Meeting techniques, decision-making, negotiate with the director, exert influence.

Number of participants

Council up to 12 members


1 day


Day 1 – incl. evening


  • Read book WOR (Works Council Act) for dummies


  • Short trust-exercise – team building
  • Works Council Act – wrap up
  • Workshop what is Works Council work – tasks, subjects, roles?
  • Workshop 2 for 12 and the WOR (Works Council Act)
  • Workshop Meeting techniques and Decision-making
  • Workshop Contact, influence, dialogue
  • Personal Development Plan
  • Make working agreements
  • Evaluation


Below you find examples of interventions that can be combined or deployed separately.