"Success is succes when it becomes visible."

Works Council experience

The target group

Potential Works Council members, interested parties in co-participation


  • Interest people to stand as candidate or to participate in working groups.
  • Let participant experience what Works Council-work is.
  • Inform participants about the content of Works Council-work.

Number of participants

12 to 72 persons per experience


1 or 2 half-day sessions, 4 hours per half-day


  • Kick-off by a director and/or chairman, enthusing speech/film.
  • Workshop carrousel:
    • Works Council simulator, play an advisory request with actors who act as a director.
    • Questionnaires, taking some tests focused on competences and interests.
    • Works Council, game based on the theme: social dilemma. Game consist of four categories:
      • Category 1: knowledge
      • Category 2: sound- and film fragments(questions from directors, constituencies etc.)
      • Category 3: competences (with actors etc.)
      • Category 4: buzzer question (speed of thinking and acting)
      • Afterwards there will be an evaluation per team (tips and tops)
  • Do you have the Works Council-factor?
    • Evaluate and feedback in groups.
    • During the day participants will be observed and receive personal feedback about showed behaviour.
    • Retrospect on the day, which questions arise and which doubt are still lingering?
  • Kick-out, plenary closure with extra information and follow-up steps for candidacy.

Optional: Election magazine, with tests, stories from directors/chairmen/Works Council-members, programme of the dag, learning tools.


Below you find examples of interventions that can be combined or deployed separately.