"Success is succes when it becomes visible."

Works Council election campaign

The target group

(Future) individual members of the Works Council or co-participation bodies and/or work groups/project groups.


  • Recruiting potential candidates for the Works Council-elections.
  • Substantive informing about Works Council-work and announcing elections.
  • Conversion in election campaign > 25%.


3 to 4 months campaign prior to the Works Council-elections.


In the run-up to the elections we develop we a programme to recruit potential candidates and to inform and enthuse the organisation to vote during the elections.

This trajectory consists of the following components:

Offline tools, adapted to target group, for instance:

  • Mailing package with supporting letter
    • Posters A2
    • Folders
    • Electro static stickers to put on lockers provided with QR-code: quickly to mobile site, which will be kept in the history.
  • Expressions in the organisation media 

Online package:

    • Own campaign site: portal for all Works Council-and approachable, quick registration.
    • Also mobile site, available via QR-code and URL.


Below you find examples of interventions that can be combined or deployed separately.