Innovation is the difference between a leader and a follower.”

Creating a neighbourhood action plan (with stakeholders)

The target group

Starting neighbourhood-team, other starting partnerships, project groups, policy makers. Also to be deployed by project leaders, quarter masters, programme leaders of WMO (Social Support Act) together with stakeholders.

Why this approach?

At the start of the neighbourhood-team it is het important to come to a workable, long term plan (1 year), quickly and efficiently. Many teams experience that they are not fully using their potential. It lacks focus, they don’t set adequate priorities or they are distracted by events and activities outside their work. These are situations often recognized by the members. The different ‘hats’ in the team need to draw a mutual line first.
This programme addresses those subjects, in which people do not fully commit. The (neighbourhood) teams achieve what they had set as an objective, know how to deal with changes and act according to priorities. Next to that they have a clear view of the subjects they have to focus on, they are more energetic and take along this energy to work.

Programme points:

Create commitment.

  • Create commitment.
  • All key-figures are involved.
  • Structure process of choices.
  • Recognise and break through resilience & differences.
  • Ready for action.
  • Learn to repeat own successes; a learning and self-improving team.
  • Determine where one stands for as a team and where one wants to be in a year from now.
  • Learning from lessons from the past and identify guidelines for success.
  • (Re) think differently to book new results.
  • Determine core values for the team.
  • In a structured manner (10 steps) setting up a work plan with clear agreements and objectives.

The Approach

Making a work plan to realise the best year until now. As a support method, we use the method of Best Year Yet® (BYY). BYY is a programme focused on taking both a team and an individual to a higher level. The strength of the programme is to realise change to new results by combining the past and the future.
The programme enables teams and individuals to gain relevant results quickly through the creation of mutual objectives and trust in the feasibility of this.

We go through 10 steps to finally get a plan on only 1 A4-paper.

Some of these steps are:

  • Where are we in a year from now?
  • What were our successes and disappointments in the last few months?
  • What do we do, being not that successful as we are able/want to be?
  • Which areas of attention are the most important ones for us and where do we focus?
  • Who is responsible for what?
  • What are the objectives per focus-area and the objectives for the first month?


The result is a clear and concrete year plan on 1 A4-paper to which all participants have committed


Below you find examples of interventions that can be combined or deployed separately.