Innovation is the difference between a leader and a follower.”

Guts: Enforce personal competences

The target group

Consultants, social workers and other employees who are employed in neighbourhood and municipality.

Why this training?

Starting point in the new execution of the municipalities of Youth ACT, Participation Act and Social Support Act (WMO) is to be able to deliver more effective tailor-made work by allowing several organisations to work together in neighbourhood-teams and activate citizen-participation.
From employees will be expected, next to their substantive expertise, to maintain networks, consult effective and task-focused with co-workers and, in contacts with clients, activate self-governing ability and own strength.

A number of competences will be emphasised here:

  • Enforce own strength and self-control. The employee recognises and activates skills with clients and citizens to active their own network and think in solutions.
  • Is visible and addresses people.
  • Takes steps towards commitment and participation. Stimulates citizens for ownership of their own questions in the area of self-reliance, participation and social coherence.
  • Connects mutual and individual approach. The worker connects individual issues to active citizens. Emphasis here lies on bringing together and coaching of active citizens and stimulate reciprocity, social coherence and the mutual approach of social issues.

The approach

Before the training a questionnaire will be offered and discussed. Here, talents and skills will come forward. Furthermore a number of colleagues will give feedback in which manner the competences, required for your function, are visible. Based on these data workshops will be offered in the training. Here we work according the principle 'learning by doing.'

Objectives connected to personal development points

  • Participants have an image of their own competences and behaviour.
  • Participants know which of their professional behaviour is visible.
  • Participants have tools to enhance networks.
  • Participants learn to waken and strengthen self-control with citizens/clients.

Programme points


Consultation of the questionnaire (Big Five) and the 360 degrees feedback of co-workers. The participants are scored in the 360* feedback on their new role. This leads to a Personal Development Plan (POP).


  • Workshop enhance own strength and self-control. Contact according the principles of Appreciative Inquiry.
  • Workshop enhance your presence: Concise formulating and presenting of own qualities and connect with citizens, co-workers, competitors, civil servants.
  • Which networks? To increase strategic networks.


Below you find examples of interventions that can be combined or deployed separately.