Innovation is the difference between a leader and a follower.”

Supported Intervision from Dilemma to Method

The target group

Consultants, social workers and other employees who are employed in neighbourhood and municipality.

Why this intervision?

Starting point in the new execution of the municipalities of Youth ACT, Participation Act and Social Support Act (WMO) is to be able to deliver more effective tailor-made work by allowing several organisations to work together in neighbourhood-teams and activate citizen-participation.
In the beginning everybody has to consider in which way this transition should be shaped. Crucial here is to activate citizens in their self-regulating abilities, set up clear frameworks and activate networks.

The approach

Together the dilemmas are determined which are relevant at the time. The dilemmas determine the method. One may think about


  • Intervision in which your method is central. After the intervision conclusions are drawn for the method within the playing field of your function.
  • Moral deliberation. Here the dilemma is addressed by everybody according a number of steps and conclusions are reached.
  • Exchange between different intervision groups, around a theme, which is relevant everywhere.



Objectives consistent with personal development points

  • Participants reinforce their new role.
  • Developing of the attitude from 'what have you got' to 'what do you need'.
  • Developing a method to weigh priorities.
  • Activate each other in problem-solving ability.
  • Creating an own self-reliant network.

Programme points

  • Gather information dilemmas.
  • Determine which dilemma to treat.
  • Open questioning, park solutions.
  • Formulate advices and the dialogue about these.
  • Formulate what is clear, ethic and effective in how to approach the dilemma and which actions should be taken.


Below you find examples of interventions that can be combined or deployed separately.