Innovation is the difference between a leader and a follower.”

Confront, while maintaining the relation

The target group

Consultants, social workers and other employees which are working in neighbourhood and municipality.

Why this training?

Starting point in the new execution of the municipalities of Youth ACT, Participation Act and Social Support Act (WMO) is to be able to deliver more effective tailor-made work by allowing several organisations to work together in neighbourhood-teams and activate citizen-participation.
Crucial here is to activate citizens in their self-regulating abilities, set up clear frameworks and activate networks. This requires an alert attitude from the workers on how to support these new frameworks.


According to the contributed situations will be analysed which appeal will be asked from you by co-worker, citizen, organisation and what, considering the participation thought, will be the new reaction requested from you.

Programme points

  • The expectation of the government versus the expectation of citizen and client.
  • Analysing bottlenecks.
  • Attitude from 'what have you got' to 'what do you need'.
  • Confront: the right way.
  • Bad news: Confront on content, pick-up emotion, activate action.
  • Deal with resistance: obstinate, refuse, difference in vision.
  • The citizen himself moving.

Objectives consistent with personal development points

  • Analysing the question.
  • Analysing the possible solutions which will fit in the participation thought.
  • Develop the attitude from 'what have you got' to 'what do you need'.
  • Bad-news interview aimed at self-control of the other.
  • Confront to activate own responsibility.
  • Confront to activate problem-solving ability.


Below you find examples of interventions that can be combined or deployed separately.