Innovation is the difference between a leader and a follower.”

Professional competences neighbourhood-team

Target group: neighbourhood-teams, professionals in social neighbourhood-teams and other workers in the neighbourhood

Why this training?

More and more the professionalism of social neighbourhood-teams and the transition to the participation thought are required: self-control by citizens. From a professional expert role a transition is made towards a more generalist trustworthy advisor’s role, this demands a more generalist approach. In this training we reinforce the competences of the neighbourhood-teams and professionals. We teach the professional to connect more to the new contract citizens need and we learn to connect to the control that the citizens have themselves. With the professionals we go looking for borders and opportunities. We discus show you can operate collectively as a neighbourhood-team within the tension of citizens, colleagues, available budget and quality. As a result of this training the neighbourhood-team will be able to choose the position and deploy this adequately. Multiple experience-focused work forms are deployed like direct personal feedback and working with a training-actor.

Programme points:

  • The participation thought: steer towards self-control
  • Methodology Appreciative looking
  • Networks: How do you effectively choose and enhance networks?
  • Horizontal connections: How do you enhance mutual binding and informal care?
  • Increase own visibility
  • Motivating interview conducting

Results of this training:

Participants experience self-confidence and are capable to execute the tasks of the neighbourhood-team.
Participants have enhanced their competences, aimed at the execution of the participation thought.
Participants adept from their own profession to a more generalist approach.
Participants have learned to operate collectively within the tension of expectations of citizens, colleagues, available budget and quality.


Below you find examples of interventions that can be combined or deployed separately.