Innovation is the difference between a leader and a follower.”

Quick scan Neighbourhood – power (team)

Super quick diagnose team-dynamics

The target group:

Starting neighbourhood-teams, other partnerships

Why this training?

With (neighbourhood) teams it is common that all team-members think that all that has to be done is indeed going to happen. But at the same time they feel that the truly important results become insufficiently visible (or too late). You are just not able to figure it out.
We work in the undercurrent by means of set-ups in the room, making visible what could not be comprehended before.

The approach:

We work with organisational set-ups. This is a methodology to look at systems diagnostically and perform interventions. This comes from family-therapy, but has been deployed lately, more and more, in professional partnerships and organisations. It has been shown that there is a threesome of laws and dynamics that influence health, liveliness and resilience of systems / organisations. According these insights we spaciously work in this training in an approachable manner to let the participants experience what is going on in the undercurrent.

Results of this training:

  • Clarity about where the team stands now.
  • Clarity about where the team is going.
  • Recognise resilience and differences and break these.
  • Where does the team stand firm and where do they lack strength.
  • Ready for action.


Below you find examples of interventions that can be combined or deployed separately.