Intercultural Talent-management

  • Excel with diversity
  • Break-out achievement of intercultural talent
  • Developing diversity-pool
  • The power of differences

Why this training?

Within organisations there is structured attention for talents since a couple of years now. Specifically there is attention for intercultural diversity. From two points of view this is of decisive importance for long-term success. Because of globalisation and a large diversity on the local labour market, more and more is called upon a high degree of sensitivity and awareness of differences and optimal use of these.

To react optimally on globalisation and composition of the labour market is only possible to acquire talent and/or to allow them to move on to management functions. The objective of the Intercultural Talent Training is to visualise if one indeed has the potency and if one has the will (ambition) to take steps. Talents are selected to prepare them for future important (higher) management positions or other vital positions in your organisation. This requires a thorough trajectory where it will become evident if one has to offer what it takes and that the organisation opens up for the needs of the diversity pool

Moovs offers an intercultural trajectory based on studies for Top Talent; based on four core elements: ambition, potency, values and Alpha Intelligence which lead to a so-called break-through (breakout achievement), characteristic for Top Talent. The four core elements will be deployed in this Top Talent Training. The core elements will also be viewed continuously from the perspective of cultural values and, depending on the objectives of the organisation and the composition of the pool, from different relevant ethnic backgrounds.
The trajectory will be coached by experts in the field of culture in an organisational setting and/or in an intercultural setting.

Programme points

  • Leadership Values assessment with 360° feedback
  • Training cultural values awareness
  • Top Talent measured; prior to the trajectory several forms of intelligence will be mapped
  • Back-to-the-basics: the potency of Intercultural Talent. Modules aimed at self-confidence, high degree of awareness and sensitivity for environment, expression of social skills and ‘higher’ values, physical, mental and spiritual health and relation-focused leadership
  • Ambition: By parallel following of the Best Year Yet ® programme, the real Top Talents will force a breakthrough in this trajectory (performance climax)
  • Intercultural Talent and relations – various right people all around you and cooperating is crucial to be successful. In this module creating a personal inner circle is central; the people around the Top Talent who are conditional for the success
  • Values: Talent is authentic; the strength is to make choices and act from what really is important to you
  • Substantive business cases entwined through the trajectory
  • Intercultural communication in the framework of leadership

Results of this training

Following the Intercultural Talent Training offers participants insight in his or her talents, possibilities and ambitions. The Intercultural Talent Training gives your organisation a firm position on a globalising market and labour market tool and methodologies to scout Top Talent.


Below you find examples of interventions, which can be deployed either combined or separately.


Intervention trajectory

Capability Building

  • Traineeships
  • MD development
  • Top Talents
  • Ambition management
  • Project-based working