Large Scale Interventions

  • Efficiency improvement
  • Processes in the picture
  • Task-focused education
  • Behavioural change
  • Growth in steering
  • Working smarter
  • Excellent results

Why a large scale intervention?

Companies who are indeed willing to book results, understand that change cannot be realised from one day to the next. Too often changes are also adapted too isolated. This means that for instance the strategy, or the structure, or the processes or the behaviour are approached isolated in a change. Also the intervention is too often aimed for a too small group of stakeholders. All this doesn’t increase the change for success.

At a large scale intervention, the organisation is willing and convinced of a powerful focus on one aspect within the organisation which will make the difference to realise certain goals. It is an intervention where changes occur on several fronts at the same time, like for instance processes, systems, strategy, culture and leadership. Typical are often the large meetings at which an important section of the company of all executives is present to develop strength. A large scale intervention always covers a longer period with follow-up interventions and actions for implementation and guarantee. Only then success can be guaranteed and safeguarded.


Moovs coached more than 800 employees of HEMA in further building together the dream-store of The Netherlands. During this grand event the participants went rapidly through 4 workshops with a mix of content, behaviour and lots of energy. In order to streamline these workshops properly, Moovs deployed 43 trainers. In the workshops the employees were prepared to establish a colourful shop for the clients with even more fun and energy.

Vincent Bröring, sales director at HEMA: "By working together with Moovs very closely, we established a programme which gives us the opportunity for a new and more efficient way of realizing our dream-stores. Here, Moovs exactly felt what we needed: the HEMA culture was tangible everywhere. Together, we had maximum benefits from that day."

Programme points


  • Project group
  • Testing parts of trajectory
  • Kick-off: experience all parts of the trajectory in a pressure cooker
  • Follow-up modules aimed at training the managers on the actions they had to perform
  • Working place modules for intermediate actions focussed on all employees
  • Safeguarding in educational modules and control-instruments


Employees stay focussed during the trajectory. One experiences that the project is truly taken serious by the management, due to the fact that one really continues, even if it becomes difficult. Even the most critical or hesitant employees choose to go along because one experiences that this is not just a project but the new reality.


Below you find examples of interventions, which can be deployed either combined or separately.


Intervention trajectory

Capability Building

  • Traineeships
  • MD development
  • Top Talents
  • Ambition management
  • Project-based working