Agree – address

Why this training?

This training hits the core of the culture where REAL benefits can be obtained. To reach this it is necessary to make joint agreements. How can you make these agreements and how can you ensure that they are clear for everybody?

Do you recognise that agreements are not always met? In that case it is necessary to address the right persons about this. By speaking together, objectives can really be met and agreements can be realised together.

Programme points

  • Mini college 6 C’s of Communication
  • Successes, disappointments, lessons – want
  • Truth or Dare game – dare
  • Address circle and assertiveness – can
  • Simulations with actor
  • Communicate
  • Check
  • Control
  • Compliment
  • Confront
  • Consequences
  • Back to the work place


After the training you are capable to identify the importance of addressing someone as a part of personal and organisational development and to make clear agreements. You give feedback in a professional manner and you are capable to control and check agreements and give feedback about them. Next to that you can absorb reactions on feedback and bend them into actions for improvement (listening and dialogue).


Below you find examples of interventions, which can be deployed either combined or separately.


Intervention trajectory

Capability Building

  • Traineeships
  • MD development
  • Top Talents
  • Ambition management
  • Project-based working