Managing Change

Why this training?

Organisational changes are for many managers a hurdle which is difficult to overcome. What happens when people hear “we are going to change”. Many managers face a lot of questions from employees. How are you going to conduct these interviews? Which leadership-styles are you going to deploy? What are you going to tell and what not and why? In short, leading changes is mainly leading dilemmas.

During this training you learn to deal with change and get the most out of it.

Programme points 

  • Coaching leadership / HR matrix
  • Change management
  • Deal with resistance ( resistance curve)
    • Hindering thoughts
    • Leadership styles and changes
    • Changing myths
  • Play off working practices
    • Forms of resistance
    • Intervention levels
  • Play off working practices and contributes casuistry
    • Cases
    • Control model
  • How further ..


You are capable to coach in a changing trajectory and to deal with resistance and uncertainties about changes. Next to that you can effectively define your leadership style and deploy this at changing processes. You have practical tools to conduct interviews with employees, efficient and effective.


Below you find examples of interventions, which can be deployed either combined or separately.


Intervention trajectory

Capability Building

  • Traineeships
  • MD development
  • Top Talents
  • Ambition management
  • Project-based working