PVB (Planning, progress, assessment) – interviews


Why this training?

The PVB (Planning, progress, assessment)-cycle of interviewing offers an organisation a structure in which many separate elements like competence management, personal development, performance-interviews and assessment-interviews come together. The manager has a crucial role in this.

Moovs works from a complete interview-cycle (also called PVB-cycle) instead of separate interviews. The cycle exists of 3 steps, including Planning, Progress and Assessment.

Why is this interview-cycle different compared to the standard performance- and assessment-interviews? The major difference is that now a link can be made between the organisational objectives and the personal ambitions. This happens by translating organisational objectives into competences, which serves as a starting point for the personal development plan.

Programme points

  • The interview-cycle
  • Characteristics and differences between the three interview’s basic interview skills
  • Give and receive feedback
  • Work with behaviour criteria (the STAR-method)
  • Development objectives made SMART
  • Coaching skills
  • Personal Development Plan
  • Judgment errors
  • Conducting interviews with an actor

Resultats of this training

The training and PVB-cycle offers a balanced interview-cycle for the employees and organisation. Because of this there is increased awareness for personal development, aligned with the organisational development. On top of that employee and manager come closer together due to the more frequent interviews conducted and can developments with persons and organisations be monitored better.


Below you find examples of interventions, which can be deployed either combined or separately.


Intervention trajectory

Capability Building

  • Traineeships
  • MD development
  • Top Talents
  • Ambition management
  • Project-based working