• Managers at the wheel
  • Leadership styles
  • Motivate
  • A deal is a deal

Why this training?

Do you recognise that it is difficult to create a ‘deal = deal’ behaviour with team members? Would you also like to conduct motivational leadership?
Do you, as a manager, also want to be able to influence the team performance through developing leadership styles and integral management? During this training you learn everything about managing, which leadership styles there are and you learn to play an exemplary role. You learn to know yourself as a manager, what your qualities are and your pitfalls? Next to that we also look at developing your employees.

Programme points

  • Ambition
  • Competences
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Result-focused coaching
  • Intervision
  • Work consultation


After following the training you have more insight in your qualities, pitfalls, most important values and convictions, passion and drives as a manager. You are capable to shape your leadership qualities in a recognisable manner and effectively deploy your qualities in order to realise the objectives of the organisation.

Next to that you know the different styles of leadership, you know how to define these, you know your own preference of style and you are able to switch between the styles. You deploy you leadership capacities in a changing organisation and you take along your employees in this.
You know to mobilise the skills and capacities of the employees and to develop these to the desired level.



Below you find examples of interventions, which can be deployed either combined or separately.


Intervention trajectory

Capability Building

  • Traineeships
  • MD development
  • Top Talents
  • Ambition management
  • Project-based working