Buying Academy

  • Buying Academy
  • Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere digital learning
  • Onboarding of new buyers, assistants etc.
  • Continuously professionalize existing employees
  • Reduce time to competence
  • Assure work organization standard
  • Knowledge management

Why a buying academy?

Through a buying academy we create ‘one way of working’ which leads to the possibility to quickly scale up and maintain and increase speed. From a Risk management perspective it is important that processes are clearly written. A uniform way of working leads to less mistakes, less waste of time and less need for management attention. It leads to a manageable workload (fewer distractions, double work etc.). Clarity in processes, way of working and responsibilities leads to better control and results on the most important KPI’s. Through a buying academy employees learn all aspects of procurement relating to their function for example category manager, buyer, assistant etc.. The buying academy will serve as a platform for preboarding and onboarding of new employees and continuously professionalize existing employees.

Programme points

  • Background of the organization
  • The procurement process in detail
  • Rapports
  • Buying/negotiating
  • Quality and IP
  • Ethical sourcing
  • Year planning
  • Marketing
  • Supply chain
  • Etc.


The Buying academy consists of crunches of learning. Little bits of learning of all aspects of procurement customized for the client. The core of the academy is based on social learning; learning from and with each other and learning aided by a mentor. Crunches will be made available during a certain period of time. Some will be mandatory and others optional. Examples of crunches are:

  • E - learning
  • Learning through the webcam
  • Learning in 10 swipes (for example a process in 10 steps)
  • Snapshot (Take a photo, comment and share with your colleagues)
  • Flashcards (reminders)
  • Product trainer (learn all specifications of a product through a game)
  • Assessment (let yourself be reviewed)
  • Flexxionair (a moment of reflection)
  • Etc.