"Success is succes when it becomes visible."


Result and proven effectivity

Educating and training is a costly affair. It is therefore important that we make clear arrangements about the results to be measured and the way of measuring. To determine the effects of the interventions and to visualise the value of the learning interventions, we use the ROI methodology. To determine where one stands as an organisation, we advise to measure the most important KPIs. In this way we can also see on the KPIs which developments are made. At the start we can define in which areas we want to measure results. By doing this at the start, we can measure the effects of interventions and repeat this over a longer period of time. This offers opportunities for intermediate adjustments and enables to judge in the longer term if the set objectives have been met.

We distinguish 5 areas on which we can measure results:

  • Indicators for reactions of participants and other stakeholders, like usefulness, relevance for the function, motivation etc.
  • Indicators for impact like productivity improvement, sales results, client satisfaction etc.
  • Indicators for learning effects like competences, knowledge, confidence/guts etc.
  • Indicators for application like level of use, completed actions etc.
  • Indicators for return on investment like ROI%, Benefit-Cost Ratio etc.