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Are you looking for the best content in the world? Content which is proven scientifically or leads to proven effects in practice? Moovs has the unique position to offer you the best content in the world as the only party in the Benelux. And, together with our international partners also offer this globally. You get a worldwide network of the best local training and consultancy bureaus. We work together in 50 countries through our partnership with SMCOV.



The following unique content is offered to you via training or train-the-trainer:

InsideOut Development® is designed to help organisations to realise ‘performance breakthroughs’ by transforming leaders and managers to effective coaches with self-confidence. For over 25 years, InsideOut Development® has contributed to obtaining better results with individuals and organisations. Moovs is the only party in the Benelux certified to conduct these trainings on behalf of InsideOut Development®.

InsideOut Development focuses on two primary elements to unlock the performance breakthroughs:

  1. insight in important elements of the human performances and how to influence these;
  2. learning and practicing of a structured manner of conducting coaching interviews, which is based on the G.R.O.W.® Model. Developed by Alan Fine. The G.R.O.W. ® Model represents the four stages of decision making. Specific questions in every stage offer the practical frame for conducting effective coaching interviews.

InsideOut Development is not about a theory; it is about that managers directly apply this way of coaching. It is a paradigm shift to change everything.

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Values in Action

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Everybody has innate talents and skills. To use this strong points is the key to professional excellence and personal development. But to identify strengths can be complicated, confusing and incredibly time-consuming. Values in Action® shows in research that knowing and applying our unique ‘strength character profile’ raises our satisfaction with life and well-being. Values in Action is a simple and effective way for each of us to learn more about ourselves and our personalised paths to happiness.

Professionals who work with others to optimise their performance, know that understanding of strong character traits is fundamentally important for the development of new routes of commitment, fulfilment and satisfaction. VIA researches systematically what is the best in a person, convinced that there is more potential if we emphasise what is good in humans instead of what is wrong. VIA can help you discover where your strengths are and has already been taken by more than 2,6 million people.

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Andrew Sobel


Andrew Sobel® Andrew Sobel® is the leading authority in the area of strategies and skills which are needed to bind with clients for life by building and developing trusted relations. Andrew Sobel® is the most published author in the world on this subject. He has eight acclaimed bestsellers including Power Relationships, Power Questions, Building C-Suite Relationships, All for One, Making Rain and Clients for Life.

Via training interventions like “Building Power Relations®” you learn to build an extensive network and to bind trusted clients and partners. This training is based on the book ‘Power Relationships’ and gives specific insights for the reinforcement of networks, obtaining new customers and to develop existing relations. Moovs is the only party in the Benelux certified to conduct these trainings on behalf of Andrew Sobel.

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BEST YEAR YET® is a simple and powerful concept to turn every year into the best year so far, both for the trainee and for your organisation. With this methodology the trainee will get results quickly, creates focus and learns to fully deploy his potential. Thus the trainee reaches the goals he set. Moovs owns the BestYearYet Benelux and is therefore the licensee on behalf of BestYearYet International.


Within BYY the start workshop is central. During this workshop you as an individual or in teams will be lead through 10 questions, which results in a 1-page year-plan. In this process the participant or the team looks back at successes and disappointments in the (recent) past and translates these to three guidelines.

The participant or het team creates a new mindset aimed for achieving success, defining the top ten goals for the coming year and action steps to execute the plan. The participant or het team feel they own the plan and demonstrate a serious responsibility feeling, because the participant or het team define the plan themselves.

A structure of follow-up sessions ensure, after the start workshop, the success of the BYY plan. BYY is a performance-enhancing system which offers a structured follow-up protocol during a year. During every follow-up session the progress on the objectives is determined and monitored graphically and new action steps are defined for the next period. With help of an online system PRO results become visible.

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