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Andrew Sobel


Andrew Sobel® Andrew Sobel® is the leading authority in the area of strategies and skills which are needed to bind with clients for life by building and developing trusted relations. Andrew Sobel® is the most published author in the world on this subject. He has eight acclaimed bestsellers including Power Relationships, Power Questions, Building C-Suite Relationships, All for One, Making Rain and Clients for Life.

Via training interventions like “Building Power Relations®” you learn to build an extensive network and to bind trusted clients and partners. This training is based on the book ‘Power Relationships’ and gives specific insights for the reinforcement of networks, obtaining new customers and to develop existing relations. Moovs is the only party in the Benelux certified to conduct these trainings on behalf of Andrew Sobel.

Sobel & Panas have 18 powerful relation laws which are dealt with during the trainings. Some examples of these laws are:

  • Position yourself as a part of the growth of your client and profit, instead of to be managed as expenses
  • Identify! Understand the motivation, expectations and fears of your clients
  • Create great intimacy and understanding by emotional compassion

Results of this training

The participants learn how the can build on their network and what they can get form their current network. They receive the 18 powerful relation laws which will support them in their client relations.