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The following unique content is offered to you via training or train-the-trainer:

InsideOut Development® is designed to help organisations to realise ‘performance breakthroughs’ by transforming leaders and managers to effective coaches with self-confidence. For over 25 years, InsideOut Development® has contributed to obtaining better results with individuals and organisations. Moovs is the only party in the Benelux certified to conduct these trainings on behalf of InsideOut Development®.

InsideOut Development focuses on two primary elements to unlock the performance breakthroughs:

  1. insight in important elements of the human performances and how to influence these;
  2. learning and practicing of a structured manner of conducting coaching interviews, which is based on the G.R.O.W.® Model. Developed by Alan Fine. The G.R.O.W. ® Model represents the four stages of decision making. Specific questions in every stage offer the practical frame for conducting effective coaching interviews.

InsideOut Development is not about a theory; it is about that managers directly apply this way of coaching. It is a paradigm shift to change everything.

Programme points

  • The understanding of performances; the nature of performances
  • What is the difference between Outside In & Inside Out Coaching
  • Reducing disruptions through focus
  • Coaching per duo through the G.R.O.W.® Model
  • Break-through coaching
  • What is a break-through?
  • Application of break-through coaching
  • Inside Out feedback
  • Involvement coaching: prepare, execute, practice
  • Plan your road ahead!


With InsideOut Development® you have leaders/managers who:

  • Have a high degree of coaching confidence and ability
  • Coach on consistent results, with larger impact
  • Coach on issues which are most important for the team and the organisation.

Next to that InsideOut Development® also has other advantages, including:

  • The involvement of teams to work towards the same goals
  • The increase of the employee retention
  • The improvement of the sales performances
  • The building of a culture of better performances, involvement and duty of responsibility