"Learning is most effective in the workplace."

Work place learning

Learning is the most effective at the work place. Anyplace, anywhere, anytime. Learning is something you do yourself, at the work place, together with colleagues. Share and create knowledge together. Learning happens 7 x 24 x 365. We believe in working = learning, learning = working. All learn- and develop trajectories are composed according the 70-20-10 principle of Charles Jennings. The work place is the most powerful learning environment to excel. 70 % of the learning interventions happen at the work place. Relevant practical experiences are crucial for learning. Each learning trajectory consists of various practical situations, real casuistry and we stimulate various forms of knowledge sharing.

The advantage of learning at the work place is that it always connects seamlessly with the actual developments in your organisation. In the creation of the learning programme, but also during the learning process we exactly involve the stakeholders. The executive, client and colleague. We also involve existing structures (consultation), (ict) systems and practical cases.

Online learning is an important part of the work place learning. By learning like this, one simultaneously learns to work with new media, which may also be a part of the new working. Online learning is always tailor-made (look, feel, content) at your organisation, product or even at the individual. If desired we offer online learning in a blended form by taking along extra assignments to the work floor.

We offer tools for the learning at the work place. These are for example job aids, quick reference cards or learning tools. A learning tool contains brief theory, an assignment or an instruction, reference to relevant other information (films etc.). Goal of the learning tool is to offer tools to employees to discuss the theme themselves in a work consultation, 1-on-1 or in a team or perform a short exercise.

We always work with an individual develop plan. The employee is owner of his own learning process. The employee is active and develops his own craftsmanship. It also provides self-control and talent development. The individual develop plan is based on: just in time, just in place, just enough. We work adaptive. That means that you only learn, what is important for the employee to develop. By working with an individual develop plan we also visualise the learning results. The employee and executive make clear arrangements; about learning objectives and output. Therefore a shared responsibility is created during the learning trajectory between employee and executive.

Finally the work place learning contributes to a positive learning culture in your organisation. During the work place learning we stimulate sharing knowledge, learning from and with each other by co-creation and participants receive coaching from practice coaches and mentors in the work place. By a continuous exchange of success-stories and practice examples, the learning contributes to a culture in which continuous improvement and excellence play a central role. One of the conditions for a high performance organisation.