Career Coaching

Coaching on career development or career mobility

  • Directing career on interests and possibilities
  • Aligning work and life on own person
  • Optimum use and reinforce of competences
  • Flexible trajectory in four phases

Why Career Coaching?

Career Coaching is meant for everyone who wants to direct his or her life or career more, fully wants to use the own possibilities and is prepared to devote energy to this.Career Coaching starts with giving voice to your ‘life vision’, making clear which values are most important for you.

After that we gather information about your desires for your current or future function. For both these steps we deploy instruments as inner dialogue, questionnaires and tests. Next all possible functions (options) will be placed in a personal overview. From here we derive concrete actions to take. We also set up an action plan, which supports you not to let your inspiring plans water down, but to truly realise them. In this plan you’ll find both work related actions and actions which are related to your personal life.

A coaching trajectory is on individual basis and will always be customised for you. Characteristic for coaching by Moovs is that we search for the learning level at which coaching should take place. Change of behaviour and skills, of fundamental think- and action pattern or awareness. By optimally aligning your work and your life with your specific circumstances, interests, desires, skills, experience, education and character, changes come ‘from yourself’ and you reach results which are important for yourself.

Programme points

  • Awareness of what you would like most in your life and work.
  • Insight in your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Inspiring alternatives in order to further align your career with your own desires.
  • Support in translating acquired insights into concrete actions.


You are better motivated for your work, because you make your career choices more consciously and thorough and therefore correspond with aspects that touch your passion. Your increased motivation leads to higher effectiveness and more satisfaction. You have insight in desired future developments in your career. With this you provide a basis for, for instance, personal development plans, next steps in your career or desired increasing expertise.

During the coaching trajectory you receive several literature tips, hand-outs and tools to support your learning process and to involve your environment.


2 start-interviews and 3 follow-up interviews.