Moovs offers Coaching with multiple coaching areas based on the ‘best fit’. Important for the result and characterising for coaching from Moovs is that we deploy a pallet of coaches, corresponding with the question and the person while searching for the relevant learning level. Moovs distinguishes the following areas in which we coach:

Core Coaching

Coaching aimed at the total well-being and happiness in life of the trainee (mentally, physically and spiritually)

Culture Coaching

Coaching on cultural fit like new person in (new) company, society or group.

Conflict Coaching

Coaching from mediation at conflicts between two or more persons

Career Coaching

Coaching on career development or career mobility

Creative Coaching

Coaching on research for the level of creativity and coaching on the increase of creativity

Competence Coaching

Coaching on specific competences like for instance EQ-skills

Corporate Coaching

Coaching aimed at control and steering issues for managers and leaders

Crisis Coaching

Coaching in situations of crises like burnout or trauma