Learning Design

As learning is an continuous process, we believe that using state of the art learning design methods are key to give the end user a great learning experience. We help companies with their strategic challenges and work together on improvement of learning.

L&D Strategy

Do you want to take a strategic approach to Learning & Development? We help you to create a strategic learning plan for the upcoming years.

Digital Learning Solutions

Digital learning is always tailor-made (look, feel, content) based on the company, product or even based on the individual.


Everyone likes to be rewarded. Gamification makes mundane or tedious tasksenjoyable for employees and boosts the engagement rate.

Performance Improvement

All learning and development programs are based on Charles Jennings’ 70-20-10 principle. The workplace is the most powerful learning environment.

Data & Learning Metrics

Educating and training can bea costly affair. It is therefore important that we make clear arrangementsabout the results to be measured and the way of measuring.