Gamification to engage

Everyone likes to be rewarded. Gamification makes mundane or tedious tasks enjoyable for employees and boosts the engagement rate. Integrating the basics of game dynamics such as competition, rules of the game, and point-scoring in order to solve problems and engage users, gamification is a combination of psychology (75%) and technology (25%).

While onboarding new employees and orienting existing ones on products, services and policies, Gamification can help. Regular guided e-learning programs or nicely crafted video tutorials save time and company costs but, at the same time, they probably don’t contribute much to the employee enthusiasm.

Added game dynamics through points and badges as rewards for completed tutorials can make the process more fun and engaging. A company can assign performance-based reward points to ensure the employees not only retain the information quickly but also apply it at work.

There are at least 52 well known gamification mechanisms, each can beutilized for different purposes and outcomes. Combined they will re-enforce the gamification principles, based on the user profile that is engaging with them. These principles are used in the most successful computer games out there butthey will work exactly the same when applied for learning programs as well.

All our programs are using the gamification principles to ensure maximumengagement.