Learning agility

Learning agility is where we believe in. We believe that agility is needed more than ever before to stay fit for the challenges that life brings us. Technology is changing how we do things, and the future of work is changing as new careers are created, industries are born, and old job roles become obsolete. And things are only going to speed up.

Our jobs and our lives will transform and evolve at an ever-increasing pace. We need to adapt, to be creative and resourceful so we can take the initiative in a world of complex problems, global collaboration, mixed media communication, mass information processing, and much more.

We believe that the answer is lifelong learning as the new norm, as change is the new constant. Lifelong learning enables sustainable growth in a world full of ongoing hypes and obsessions. Only people who are well-educated, well-trained and well-developed remain agile, flexible, adaptive and relevant.

Stay relevant

People must stay relevant, and organizations need to invest in people’s learning and development. All of which means that people and organizations must choose to embrace the radical future of life and work; the alternative is becoming redundant fast. To manage this lifelong process we must learn how to architect lifelong learning along with work, family life, and leisure time as we move toward a constantly unfolding and uncertain future.

Our Future Skills

We believe future skills are relevant for everyone to make the most out of life. Live your best self, contribute to the bigger picture and keep on growing in this area of digital transformation. We offer 3 categories of skills, life, literacy & learning skills. For individuals, teams and organisations. To keep growing and to stay relevant.  

Life Skills

If you want to make the most out of life and keep on learning, it's important to develop your life skills. We offer a broad range of skills which are necessary for your capabilities to handle the challenges of life effectively. Our trainings are relevant for you personally and for organisations.

Learning Skills

Ourl earning skills help you to keep up in the current business context, develop your career and be effective in projects, teamwork and contribute to organisations. In our Learning Skill courses we develop  habits that can be used throughout your life to complete and improve projects and communicate effectively. Skills can continuously be developed and improved to help you accomplish daily tasks and achieve your career milestones.

Literacy Skills

Our goal is to close the skills gap organisations are currently facing. We do this by offering tech programmes to help employees and organisations to stay ahead in the tech age by fast-tracking and amplifying their digital transformation.
We offer upskilling and reskilling programmes in emerging technologies such asartificial intelligence, IoT, blockchain, VR/AR combined with business strategyand leadership training.

90 days tracks

Our offer is based on a learning flow of 90 days in which employees learn through a blend of e-learning, training, application in practice and reflection. Each learning path also consists of additional learning methods such as micro-learnings, activating assignments, video's, podcasts and games. Moovs ensures learning will be challenging, attractive and fun!


We believe in the power of coaching. Coaching in multiple areas based on the best fit for the individual. One important factor in our coaching results is that we work with a broad palette of coaches coaches with different backgrounds, corresponding with the question and the person while aiming for the best match.