Digital Learning Solutions

Online learning is an important part of our programs. Online learning contains the classic e-learning like you know it, but also mobile and social learning. Digital learning is always tailor-made (look, feel, content) based on the company, product or even based on the individual. If desired we offer digital learning in a blended form by taking along extra assignments to the work floor.

Our methods of digital learning are all intuitive and applicable in behavioural change. We build a digital learning traject based on several learning methods, for example by means of brief lessons (micro learning or bites of learning) one can develop knowledge, keep personal development plans, make exercises/quizzes, watch YouTube videos (or similar video channels), mutual learning by discuss/chat about the subjects to learn. Next to that we deploy learning apps or learning games for smartphones or tablets, build in HTML5 or native (specific, depending on the operating system). We offer:

Classic e-learning

We offer a wide range of standard e-learning which can be offered to employees as separate modules or as a package of multiple e-learnings. This varies from Leadership, client-orientation to Excel and several language courses. Next to that we provide customized e-learning. Characteristic for an e-learning by Moovs is the high grade of interaction, at which trainees learn to apply knowledge through exercises. Many e-learnings are focused on sending information, where there is much attention for one learning style and the learning effectiveness is limited. Our e-learning is also about learning by feedback. You receive feedback after an exercise, so you know what is right/wrong or effective/non-effective.

Learning environment

Moovs offers a learning environment in which the e-learning plays. Next to that the environment offers the possibility to generate standard reports with data like start date, score per activity, date of completion etc. From an interaction-report we can also follow the visits to each page with the ‘interaction’ (action of the participant; answer the question or click to go further) and the duration of time. The classic e-learning, but also other lessons, have an interruption-possibility, so that people can continue whenever they can.

Content can be made directly in the platform but it is also possible to make your (existing) SCORM 1.2 content visible by the platform. The platform also supports various ‘open’ content varieties like YouTube, Vimeo and SlideShare. Next to the classic e-learning we offer the possibility to take extra ‘modules or lessons. In the learning environment we can insert short videos with assignments.

Social learning

Employees learn from colleagues. The learning environment contains an option to chat with each other or use a forum. The participants can react to content, start a discussion, place comments and add ‘likes’. By allowing participants to cooperate together, they get the possibility to learn from and with each other. Participants can share best practices, ask each other questions, share knowledge etc. They can choose to organise this part per training group, function group or simply organisation-wide.

Moovs also offers a social network for your organisation. Safe, efficient and complete. Directly in contact with all your colleagues, always informed of work-related information and all on one place. The new way of communicating. Develop information and knowledge in an efficient way and share in various contexts with your organisation.


Learning must be fun. People intrinsic want to get rewarded, that makes them happy. There is a possibility to play our Games over and over again to improve your highscore. Each game is characterised by a clear goal, (informal) feedback system and reward (epic win). In our games we use principles of brain-learning. One of the principles is about repeating of actions, learning new behaviour or knowledge. This is translated in concepts where the improvement of the personal performance plays a central role. Participants are challenged to improve their score over and over again. The brain connections are strengthened (repeat by week / weekend price). Developed in HTML5, it can be played though all modern browsers and devices (computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone).

Serious games

Simulation of real situations and deployable for development of knowledge, skills and behaviour. We use realistic 3D-scenarios as well as audio-visual techniques. A serious game is fun, challenging, motivating. Learning by experience, feedback, discovery and making mistakes.

Learning by the webcam

This web based learning solution consists of assignments by video-fragments. People learn by recording their own reaction via the webcam, by judging themselves, feedback from a coach (for example an executive, coach/trainer) and feedback by colleagues.

Online Academy

As your community platform or as a stand-alone. Advantage is 1 community for communication and learning. Statements of new content takes place in the community, target group specific content can be offered and one can share learnings (social learning).