Our Future Skills:

We believe future skills are necessary for everyone to make the most out of life. Live your best self, contribute to the bigger picture and keep on growing in this area of digital transformation. We offer 3 categories of skills, life, literacy & learnings skills. For individuals, teams and organisations. To keep growing and stay relevant.

Life Skills

If you want to make the most out of life and keep on learning, it's important to develop your life skills. We offer a broad range of skills which are needed to deal well and  and effectively with the challenges of life. Our trainings are relevant for personal and business.

Social Skills

  • Emotional Intelligence (empathy, EQ)
  • Flexibility
  • Communication
  • Conflict Solving


  • Self, One on One, Team, Organisation Leadership
  • High Performance Coaching
  • Change Leadership
  • Secure Based Leadership
  • Service Leadership

Vitality & Mental Health

  • Working Parents
  • Resilience
  • Energy Management
  • Mindfullness
  • Daily Moves

Personal Development

  • Become the best version of yourself. Values in action® our methodology with positive psychology
  • Effective Assertive
  • Growth mindset
  • Productivity (best year yet)

Diversity & Inclusion

  • Unconsious Bias
  • Cultural Conversations
  • Inclusive Leadership and Inclusiveness Intelligence
  • Cultural dynamics of diversity 
  • Thomas Leland; Insights to impact

Learning Skills

Our learning skills help you to keep up in the current business context, develop your carreer and be effective in projects, teamwork and contribute to organisations. In our Learning Skill courses we create habits that can be used throughout your life to complete projects and communicate effectively. They can continuously be developed and improved to help you accomplish daily tasks or achieve your career milestones.

Creativity & Design Thinking

  • DesignThinking Introduction
  • DesignThinking Foundation
  • DesignThinking Project

Critical Thinking

  • Using our framework of mindsets and perspectives
  • Boost thinking in a complex setting
  • Mental agility
  • Assessing reality & decision making
  • Effective team collaboration to improve performance
  • Productive conflict resolving


  • Accelerated Teaming
  • Insights Discovery
  • Management Drives
  • Values in Action
  • Polarity Mapping
  • Team effetiveness
  • Deep Democracy


  • High Performance coaching with InsideOut Development

Communication Skills

  • Great Conversations
  • Advising and influence skills
  • Story telling
  • Presenting skills
  • Feedback
  • Negotiation skills
  • Quantum Negotiation

Customer Empathy

  • Service delivery and skills
  • Sales skills
  • Building client relations for life (Andrew Sobel®)
  • Up Your Service – build a sustainable service culture

Management Conversations

  • Performance review conversations
  • Bad news conversation
  • Absenteeism / health interview
  • Recruitment / job interview

Literacy Skills

We aim to bridge the skills gap the businesses currently face. We do this by offering tech programmes to help employees and organisations stay ahead in the tech age by fast-tracking and amplifying their digital transformation.

We offer upskilling and reskilling programmes in emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT, blockchain, VR/AR combined with business strategy and leadership training.  

Innovative Minds Certificate Programme (10 modules)

To equip the business professionals with the knowledge and skills-set to:

  • create a high level of awareness in emerging technologies driving businesses
  • help professionals understand and discuss the real-world examples and cases powered by these technologies
  • equip professionals with the knowledge, skills and methodologies to design tech-enabled services and products

Digital Champions Executive Development Programme (4 modules)

To help executives:

  • enhance their understanding and awareness of digital transformation and AI technologies
  • create solid action plans to drive transformation in their organisations
  • lead transformation considering the three pillars: culture, strategy and leadership

AI Strategy for Business Leaders Course (12 modules)

To help professionals:

  • develop a  structured and a comprehensive approach to building an AI strategy
  • scale AI in their organisation

We work together with

90 days blended tracks

Our offer is based on a flow of 90 days in which employees learn through a blend of e-learning, training, application in practice and reflection. Each learning path also consists of additional learning forms such as micro-learnings, activating assignments, videos, podcasts and game forms. Moovs makes learning challenging, attractive and fun! We provide relevant training that is directly applicable in practice and that invites you to learn from and with each other. We use data to measure your progress and impact. So the learner can choose what type of activity suits their needs and next step.

Even after the training, Moovs still supports the learning process. We support the 70% of learning that takes place in the workplace (according to jennings' 70-20-10 rule) with tools for Performance Support. The tools provide support for learning at work and help the participant to continue learning at work. These physical aids are available in the workplace. Think of a checklist or a quick reference card on which the lessons learned are clearly summarized. In addition, the e-learning remains available to read theory and tips again later.


Moovs offers Coaching with multiple coaching areas based on the ‘best fit’. Important for the result and characterising for coaching from Moovs is that we deploy a pallet of coaches, corresponding with the question and the person while searching for the relevant learning level. Moovs distinguishes the following areas in which we coach:

Core Coaching

Coaching aimed at the total well-being and happiness in life of the trainee (mentally, physically and spiritually)

Culture Coaching

Coaching on cultural fit like new person in (new) company, society or group.

Conflict Coaching

Coaching from mediation at conflicts between two or more persons

Career Coaching

Coaching on career development or career mobility

Creative Coaching

Coaching on research for the level of creativity and coaching on the increase of creativity

Competence Coaching

Coaching on specific competences like for instance EQ-skills

Corporate Coaching

Coaching aimed at control and steering issues for managers and leaders

Crisis Coaching

Coaching in situations of crises like burnout or trauma