Conflict Coaching

Coaching from mediation at conflicts between two or more persons

  • Win-win situation
  • Solving disturbed relations
  • Voluntary but not without obligations
  • Approachable

Why Conflict Coaching?

In a company-situation with disturbed labour relations, this can involve a stuck communication between

  • Colleagues
  • Managers
  • Manager and employee
  • Teams

Conflict Coaching can, among others, help to prevent absence of parties involved, to restore the co-operative relationship and to communicate learning more efficient.

Conflict scan also occur in organisations by development of undesired manners like bullying, discrimination and (sexual) harassment. As early as possible in the conflict-phase you can ask for mediation between the perpetrator(s) and the victim to break through the undesired behaviour and to motivate for desired behaviour.

At a conflict between schools, parents and students or a neigbourly dispute about noise nuisance, emotions can also be significant. People stay hooked up in their own right. Effective communication here is often impossible. In such cases you can best use the coaching by a conflict coach.

Programme points

Conflict Coaching is a kind of mediation at conflict and disagreement. Under professional coaching of an independent and impartial psychologist-coach, who is an expert in the area of conflicts, emotions and communication, clients search for a creative solution that is satisfactory for all. The goal of conflict coaching is not only solving disputes, but also to secure the relation between parties involved. By helping to improve the quality of the communication, the chance of new conflicts in the future reduces and the skill to deal with various needs and convictions increases.

With Conflict Coaching it is not about ‘proving you’re right’ and ‘winning’: the coach dedicates himself to respect the interests of all parties involved as good as possible.

Conflict Coaching is on voluntary basis, but not without obligations. Both clients should commit to a solution and honour the agreements made. The conflict coach is impartial: he does not condemn or judge. It is his task to coach clients as good as possible and support them to come up with and find their own solutions.

An important agreement during and after (unless agreed otherwise) the mediation is confidentiality. This allow clients to speak freely about issues and solutions.When do you deploy the conflict coach?

Conflict Coaching is approachable and works fast, certainly in comparison with juridical procedures. The sooner you seek the help of a conflict coach, the better: Waiting too long usually means that you and the other party have both sunk your teeth deeper into your ‘own right’.


Reach a win-win situation.

  • The coach motivates the clients to an effective weighing of each other’s interests and to an acceptable relation definition in their dealing with each other.
  • The agreement concluded at the end of the mediation, is acceptable for everybody.

Increase of personal effectiveness in dealing with conflicts.

  • The coach motivates the clients to an effective weighing of each other’s interests and to an acceptable relation definition in their dealing with each other.
  • Agreements are binding.
  • When you completed a Conflict Coaching, you dedicate yourself actively to keep the agreements. These agreements are laid down in a contract that is legally binding.


On average, a Conflict Coaching takes ten to twenty hours. Conflict Coaching is a swift and relatively cheap approach, certainly in comparison with a juridical trajectory and the emotions (immaterial damages) that can be involved.