Core Coaching

Coaching aimed at the total well-being and happiness in life of the trainee (mentally, physically and spiritually)

  • In-depth
  • Developing
  • Result
  • Vitality
  • Effect

Why Core Coaching?

Your goal is to move mountains, get more out of yourself and out of life. You want to be healthy, energetic, intentional and full of confidence. Every part of yourself has to be convinced and work together. If you feel off balance on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, then Core Coaching offers the most complete package to unleash an enormous amount of energy which you can deploy intentionally.

During this coaching you will be coached to clarify your targets, make them concrete and to realise them step by step. We offer tools for releasing and focusing of your energy and will power. Your motivation is linked to this concentrated energy to make the impossible come true.

Programme points

  • Image pyramids (imagining parts of the personality in layers (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) at various moments of the process)
  • Yoga or meditation
  • Health check (vitality check)
  • Socio circle (Which people stand around you and at which distance? What is desired?)
  • Visualisations
  • Using sources
  • Qualities strength increase
  • Best Year Yet coaching ®


Your self-confidence is high, you know what you want and how you can achieve this without losing sight of your social network. You feel healthy, vital and unparalleled motivated. You are capable of using all your qualities and bundle your strengths. You feel free and at home in the various roles that you play in life and make the most of your environment and yourself. Next to fulfilling dreams, you take the time to enjoy intensely.


Depending of your intake, targets and composition package.