Corporate Coaching

Coaching aimed at control and steering issues for managers and leaders

  • Control at strategic level
  • Making choices
  • Making analysis
  • Critical Success factors
  • Management issues

Why Corporate Coaching?

The principle ‘it is lonely at the top’ is applicable to many managers. Corporate Coaching concerns a way of coaching where the manager can place himself in a vulnerable position about questions of strategic nature. The coaching is conducted by a coach with experience in leading organisations or parts thereof.

Programme points

Theme Examples

  • Mission, vision, strategy
  • Price policy
  • Positioning
  • Structure changes
  • Outsourcing
  • High Performance Organization via InsideOut Coaching
  • Result improvement


The trainee learns to look via diverse analyses and perspectives tot he own organisation and discovers himself where the organisation stands. From a role perspective the trainee learns to look at what is expected from him or her. It becomes evident which roles will be more of less highlighted and the reasons why. The trainee learns to deliberately fulfil the aligning of a broad repertoire of management roles on what the organisation needs.


Intake and a minimum of 5 coaching meetings.