Creative Coaching

Coaching on research for the level of creativity and coaching on the increase of creativity

  • Insight
  • Flexibility
  • Inspiration
  • Innovation
  • Brain techniques

Why Creative Coaching?

Everybody is creative. Everybody is capable to find solutions to improve (work-) situations. Some people however are not fully aware of this. Others are afraid to fail and therefore don’t use their creative ability. Creativity can be trained to increase the problem solving ability and also the self-confidence.

During this dynamic form of coaching you learn to look at a question or issue in different ways. You learn to be aware of your creativity and with this to stimulate your problem solving ability. There will be attention for the unblocking of the creative process. The route from inspiration to innovation can be used optimally again.

Programme points

  • Perspective in motion
  • Association
  • From frustration to game
  • The creative process (visualisation)
  • Unblock blockades
  • Plan, action plan, action


You have insight in your creativity and the degree in which you use it. You know what you need to fully deploy your creative ability. Problems become challenges again and the solution process is a game. After this coaching process, a problem won’t carry too much weight, but can only be seen as invitation to be allowed to play & create.


Intake and 5 coaching meeting.