Crisis Coaching

Coaching in situations of crises like burnout or trauma

  • Acknowledgement and acceptation
  • Relaxation
  • Balance
  • Build-up

Why Crisis Coaching?

Burnout is the end stage of long lasting exhaustion of body and mind. Getting a burnout is a relational process in which at least two parties are involved. In that process, the balance between give and take, between care for others and care for yourself is out of balance. The consequence is a feeling of being totally burned out. In fact it is nothing more or less than a warning signal of the body that it cannot go on anymore. Just relaxing is not enough anymore, you have to change your way of living and thinking. Patterns in a downward spiral must be turned around. Work, but also family, hobbies and social contacts often have to make way for prolonged and intensive recovery periods. Too make sure that this recovery process doesn’t take unnecessary long, but to run through this in an effective, clear and structured way, you need coaching.

Programme points

  • Psycho-education
  • Acknowledge, understand and accept your feeling
  • Recognise tension and physical reactions
  • Relaxation (active relaxation and visualisations)
  • Must, want and choose
  • Role and identity
  • Self-care (physically and mentally)
  • Balance in daily routine (setting priorities)
  • Realistic goals and small steps
  • Activate and reintegrate


The objective of Crisis Coaching is that you regain the control over your life again. The relation between must and want, tension and relaxation are balanced again. You are able to make choices again, set priorities, flexible adaption and realistic planning. With this all your self-confidence growths and therefore your self-image is realistic again. You can experience fun again both at work and privately.


Intake and a minimum of 5 coaching meetings.