Culture Coaching

Coaching on cultural fit like new person in (new) company, society or group. Among others from diversity point of view

  • In-depth
  • Feedback
  • Sensitivity for diversity
  • Synergy

Why Culture Coaching?

Through globalisation and increasing competition, a true struggle arises to retain talent. At the same time productivity, creativity and other crucial competences with people can be better developed and used. Sensitivity and a great awareness of the deepest needs of people therefore became one of the most important assets of organisations. Culture coaching makes you aware of underlying values, thinking patterns and behaviour of yourself and your environment with a high degree of diversity. This can be about diversity based on educational- of professional background, ethnical or cultural background, gender, age etc.

The coaching firstly focusses on values awareness and will be complemented with coaching of the specific diversity in which the trainee is situated. Moovs has experts both in culture in organisation context and in intercultural setting. Based on your question you will be introduced to the right coach.

Programme points

  • (Leadership) Value assessment of Richard Barrett
  • 360° feedback
  • Self-awareness
  • Sensitivity in diversity
  • Tools for resolving differences


The trainee feels at home in an environment with a great diversity and is aware of the own background, values and effect thereof on personal awareness, convictions and behaviour. By dealing positive and constructive with differences, the trainee creates an environment in which diversity is the factor for optimum results and work experience.


Value scan, intake and 5 coaching meetings.