Creativity & Design Thinking

Design Thinking Introduction

Learn more about the core principles of Design Thinking. We’ve designed this session to give you an insight in what Design Thinking is and inspire you with a couple of cases to show you how others did it. This session will also include a small assignment.

Design Thinking Foundation

Learn and practice the core skills of Design thinking in our two-day course. We’ve designed this program to give you a foundational, practical understanding of the essential design thinking skills and mindsets. After this course you receive an assignment to practice it in your business. You’ll receive a playbook with tools and after 6 weeks we have a check-in with the full group to ask questions and give each other feedback.

Design Thinking Project

Work together on a Design Thinking Challenge. We use Design Thinking methods to work on a challenge within your team or organisation. We’re designing solutions for people first. We’re building to learn, and learning as we build, through inspiration, ideation, and implementation. And we include you in this process so you can learn from us and implement it in your business.