Critical Thinking

The ability to solve complex problems using reasoning, logic and evaluate different scenarios and sources. Rely on logical reasoning while keeping in mind the impact decisions might have on other areas of business, people and taking into consideration such aspects as ethics.

In our programs we focus on:

  • Pro-active learning: keep an open mind, control your tendency to judge, challenge assumptions, search information and use different techniques and perspectives.  
  • Problem Solving: Develop mastery with a complete toolbox and proven best practises focused om sharing and  multiplying solutions instead of constantly reinvent the wheel over and over again.  
  • Decision Making: Identify and validate different options, analyze pros and cons, choose the right path that ensures you achieving your goals. 

During this one day training course we deep dive into the essential attitude, knowledge and tools to apply critical thinking in your day-to-day job. You experience the benefits of critical thinking, you learn the most important frameworks and you develop your own rules how toe get the skill into action.