Our colleague Else Reedijk has followed the traineeship and in this post she will give you an impression about it. Curious? Just read further! 

Who are you?

I am Else Reedijk and I have worked at Group Moovs since March 2021, directly after I finished my master “Management of HR and Change” at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. During my search for a job, this traineeship at Moovs came across my path. In this post I will share my experiences. 

Why did you choose this traineeship?

For several reasons. I was looking for an informal organization with a lot of opportunities to develop myself. Because of my study background, I wanted to work on sustainable behavioral changes within organizations by taking on different roles: as an advisor, as a process supervisor and as a trainer. Group Moovs gave me the opportunity to develop myself profesionaly and personally, even without having any experience as a trainer yet. Exciting, but above all very informative! 

Furthermore, the atmosphere, the mentality and the helpfulness of the team really appealed to me. Everyone is always willing to think along and very social in character. 

What do you work days look like?

Every day can be completely different than the day before. Some days I give training all day and the other day I pay attention to the development of learning paths. At those days I have lots of contact with the client and I elaborate creative learning solutions. Beside this, I also approach potential new clients and work on new offers. 

How do you like the combination between work and self study?

I like itl! As a trainee at Group Moovs, you will learn a lot in a very short time. Not only because of the different projects that you are working on, but also because of the trainings and courses you are able to follow. For example, besides my different projects, I also got the opportunity to follow the course “Educational designing and development”.

June 2, 2018